Gentle Vet Animal Hospital, Green Bay, WI

Certified Veterinary Technician

Do you like being trusted? Would you like a lazy boss that lets you do all the things techs/nurses should do? Do you like exotics and wildlife? Do you want to work with someone who thinks veterinary staff members are underpaid and is working to fix that? Do you like autonomy? Do you want a work environment where we are joking one minute then serious and focused the next? Well, you should check us out! Are you looking for the perfect job? We aren’t perfect so keep looking, but if you answered yes to the rest of the questions keep reading.

As a brand new practice owner, I am trying to foster the following culture: If I take good care of you, you’ll take good care of my clients/patients. Does that sound good? Then read on, please!

I’m searching for full-time technicians to help us out. Many clinics pay lip service to letting technicians “use their skills.” I take that literally! We pride ourselves in allowing nurses/techs to be… well nurses/techs. I’m far too lazy to do your work so if you like anesthetizing, ultrasounding, performing 75% of a dental procedure, educating clients and taking care of patients to the best of your ability, give us a try. We also service a local zoo and sanctuary. Exotic skills are not required but you will be required to work with them and learn. We are placing technicians first in preparation for a new doctor.

Responsibilities You’ll be asked to do many many things but here are the big ones:

*Taking histories and preparing clients for exam room engagement, then restraining and invoicing.

*Taking care of anesthesia start to finish from the first blood draw to the last minute of recovery.

*Caring for exotic pets including venipuncture, restraint educating and anesthetizing.

*If you have interest in other aspects of running a hospital we would love the help (one tech handles training, one handles social media, another handles food inventory, etc.)

*We work hard to make sure you get to use the skills you went to school and we expect everyone to treat each other as a valued professional team member, with friendly banter and fun mixed in.

*You have to be willing to be cross trained and are willing to become a part of the culture.


*You must have a certification as a technician or nurse.

*We’ll consider non-credentialed assistants but certified individuals will get preference

*This field works with animals and you should love them and want to work with them, but also we serve people and each other, if you are only in it for the animals and not your clients and co-workers, you won’t fit in.

*You must be able to understand that we try to stick to a schedule but unexpected longer days are just a part of the job.

Compensation $14 – $19 hourly

About Gentle Vet Animal Hospital

Gentle Vet is working hard to provide noticeably better care and service. We want the staff to have great work experiences, and as a result, the staff will then give the clients and pets a great experience. We want to focus on medicine, wellness is important too, but we focus hard on tough cases and exotic medicine. We will try to help you reach your full potential through training and allowing you to use all of your degree.

To apply, please go to: