Pet Poison Helpline/SafetyCall International, Bloomington, MN

We’re hiring remote licensed and unlicensed Veterinary Technicians to work from home in Wisconsin! Are you looking for a fulfilling, hands-off position in the vet field? Check us out!

Remote staff must be able to train in our home office in Minnesota for a 3-week period and meet the IT requirements. Candidates outside of the Twin Cities will have hotel and travel expenses reimbursed if applicable.

Position Description

The Industry Representative position is responsible for responding to incoming cases via the telephone regarding potential adverse events from pet owners and veterinarians related to various animal health products manufactured by animal health clients of SafetyCall. Industry Representatives provide answers to general inquiries on routine product use, such as clarification and information slated on product labels or inserts, and document lack of efficacy cases, product complaints, customer service and other inquiry cases. This position may also respond to and process product refund requests. Industry Representatives take full histories and details of the events, triage the cases and provide accurate medical, health and safety information to the callers. Industry Representatives must accurately document each case in an electronic record to facilitate adverse event reporting and to ensure the well-being of the animals. Industry Representatives also handle minor human exposures to animal health products.

Full-time, 40 hrs/week. Full-time, 40 hrs/week. Shifts are 8 1/2 hour daytime shifts between 8am-5pm CST. Part Time, 24-32 hrs/week . 8 hour shift every Monday, the shifts will vary between the hours of 8am-5pm CST, Tuesday-Friday.

Additional Information Please visit our careers page to learn about our job and remote IT requirements and how to apply!