Animal Wellness Center of Waukesha, Waukesha, WI

We’re looking for evil masterminds(lead technicians) to help us in our ongoing quest to take over the world! We plan to do this by ensuring all pets are provided the absolute best veterinary care possible.

Yes, the pets are part of our evil plans.

No, we promise they won’t be harmed.

Only used as a distraction while we pursue our conquest for world domination.

We’re on a journey looking to recruit highly motivated individuals with the expertise and skills to match. We make sure that you’re fully equipped with the right villainous tools and resources needed for progressive medical badassery. Our delegative styles from a leadership team that values independence, autonomy and trust.

The compensation is also pretty damn good.

Send a list of your dastardly deeds(resumes) to

Looking forward to welcoming you into our evil lair!