Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic , West Allis, WI

Our Story

Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic is a fast paced, energetic, forward thinking 5 doctor Small Animal General Practice located in West Allis, WI. Spirit has grown to be one of the top veterinary practices in southeastern Wisconsin and has won best Veterinary Practice in Milwaukee on multiple occasions. We provide wellness care, vaccinations, surgery (orthopedic and soft tissue), ultrasound, digital radiography, laser therapy, dermatology consultations, behavioral consultations and emergency care. At Spirit we have a strong team of hardworking individuals and we pride ourselves on our abilities to support, educate and counsel our team members as well as our clients. Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic will continue to grow and provide our community with the best, most up to date care for our patients.

Position wanted

Full time Veterinary Technician, would prefer a Certified Veterinary Technician

Position Summary

As a veterinary technician, you are an integral part of the veterinary team. A veterinary technician must have knowledge in their field but also have a genuine, caring nature towards both patients and clients. Job responsibilities of the veterinary technician include but are not limited to:

• Safe restraint of animals to include cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and reptiles

• Gathering appropriate information from patients such as temperature, pulse and respiration rates

• Calculating drug dosages including the handling and tracking of controlled substances

• Surgical prep of patients while ensuring safety and sterility

• Induction of anesthesia and monitoring under anesthesia

• Provide post-operative care • Perform diagnostic procedures such as venipuncture, digital radiography, cytology, fecal float interpretation, and urine collection via ultrasound guided cystocentesis

• Be proficient in the use of in-house IDEXX lab machines

• Administration of treatments such as medications (IM, SQ PO and IV), set up and administer IV fluids and bandage placement/wound care

• IV catheter placement

• Be involved with dentistry including taking digital radiographs and clean and polishing teeth

• Involvement in patient check-in and discharge which encompasses client education

• Cleaning and maintaining equipment, surgical quarters and animal areas as needed

• Ensuring prompt and accurate paperwork procedures are followed

• Working well with others, effectively communicating in a friendly and professional manner with not only clients but co-workers is very important

• Ability to multi-task

Experience At a minimum we require 1 year of experience in the veterinary field

Education Preferred:

Veterinary Technician Certification

Benefits & Compensation

• Health insurance

• Dental insurance

• 50% off employee owned pets

• 401K Hours

We like to keep everything fair at Spirit of 76th Veterinary Clinic for all our staff members therefore we do require our Veterinary Technicians to be flexible in their work hours.

Our clinic hours are:

Mon-Thurs 8am-8pm, Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 8am-2pm

We have 3 shifts for our technicians

• Opening shift: 6am-2pm

• Mid shift

• Closing shift: 12pm-8pm

We do require our technicians to work 1 Saturday per month after completing their 3 month probationary training period.

When you work a Saturday you will have extra time off throughout the week. Full time is 38.5 hours per week

Pay We are offering a $500 sign on bonus!!!!!

Veterinary technician pay may differ based upon experience.

Visit us at: www.spiritof76thveterinaryclinic.com Facebook: @Spiritof76thVetClinic Instagram: spirit_seventysix

Please contact Dr Kelly at dr.kelly@spirit.vet