Animal Dentistry Specialists, Oshkosh, WI

Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery Specialists, LLC

* Oshkosh

* Glendale


You, our veterinary technicians are fundamental to everything we do well. Board Certified Veterinary Dentists (TM) are specialists in veterinary dentistry.We also provide detailed oral surgery services. With you we provide these services very well!

What is unique about the position?

-You are directly involved with patient care and anesthesia management

-Unusual Problems,

-severe problems (infections, injuries, tumors, developmental abnormalities)

-Oftentimes patients with heart, kidney or liver disease are referred to us for dentistry and or oral surgery.

*Flexible & Fun position!

*A place for all of us to learn.

*Full time (4 days) or Part time 1, 2 or 3 days!

*No weekends or emergencies at night Yes, you can continue to stay at the practice you currently enjoy and contribute to animal care in a very specialized way with us all in the same week.

*Unlimited Free CE on VIN.

*Matching Simple IRA plan.

*Limited personal pet care.

*Experienced CVT or individuals willing to train to acheive CVT in Wisconsin.

We are “inclusive” for individuals that have a passion to help serve animals.

This practice is unique because the volume of cases seen is relatively low with highly focussed services.

Hours do require flexibility. The “pandemic” has increased demand for veterinary services in general and specialty practices. More people have animals and love them as family. We need you to help all of them!

Our CVT will be focussed on patient care and espesially anesthesia management. If you like to monitor anesthesia, this position is for you. You will rarely ever be cleaning teeth in this Dentistry Practice!

Please reach out for additional information:

Please send a letter telling us why you love working with animals, a current resume and three selected references.

Dale Kressin DVM, DAVDC