Wanna Be Our Friend?

Best Friends Veterinary Center in Grafton is looking for another CVT to join our team!

We cater to the best pet parents, those who want to continually learn about how to better care for their furry families.

Our clients bring their pets in more often, and are willing to spend more money on average as well.

They choose us because we provide age-appropriate and breed-specific education throughout the lives of our patients, while providing medicine that benefits from technology such as therapy laser, surgical laser, digital dental radiography, underwater treadmill and Digitherm diagnostics, all while using fear free methods and low-stress handling.

A few examples of our medical culture:

For every surgery or dental procedure, our patients are required to have not only IV fluids and pre-anesthetic blood testing, but also preemptive pain management and antianxiety medication. We also offer pre-anesthetic ECG screening, and breed specific testing such as bile acids level for dogs at risk for liver shunts or DNA screening for coagulopathy.

As a trained CVT, you will provide consistent patient care under anesthesia, and we use SmartFlow and Avimark software platforms to document your patient’s surgical experience.

Outpatient technician appointments include puppy and kitten visits, rehab services, laboratory screening and nutrition counseling.

We provide in-depth team training in all aspects of care, including canine rehabilitation, communication, customer service, breed-specific healthcare, nutrition, and much more!

Learn and Grow with us!

All of this is why we aren’t the cheapest option in town, but we provide the best medicine hands down.

Come on over, explore the area, meet our team, and see if Best Friends Veterinary Center is your next best career move!

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