Online CE Portal

WVTA Membership Registration

The WVTA is pleased to offer its paid members a new education service in conjunction with the World Veterinary Association and the World Continuing Education Alliance. This global solution to Continuing Education offers WVTA Members access to the largest resource of Veterinary Continuing Education in the world.
The global education network has over 1000 continuing education courses from over 80 CE educators, with new education content added every week.
Online studying made simple
WVTA members can study online from a wide range of CE short courses according to their needs. A large number of courses are available for free, with others available at a cost.
ree Education Tracker
WVTA Members are provided with a free Education Tracker which automatically records all learning activity on the Portal and enables members to record all other CE activities, thereby creating one central record of their CE studies. Summary reports can be created and supplied to legislators.
You must be a WVTA Member in order to access the CE Portal.